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The Toughest Cameras In The World
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From 1991 to Today TUFFCAM Now Offers up to 700 Lines Of Resolution, as well as 1080P High Definition But Still The Same Toughness You have Come To Expect. 

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Built With Quality 

Each Camera is waterproof and shockproof, tested for a minimum of 24 hours at peak and min temperatures, vacuum sealed to prevent leaks, and resealed a second time with our patented Black Goop to further prevent any water or dust from entering the lens chamber.


Our Products are many and diverse, because of this we can only list a few of them. In trying to keep this website simple and uncluttered we suggest you contact us and let us know your requirements. You are buying a camera that is going to last the rest of your life let us help you make sure it is the correct one you need. ​

​The Video: The Evolution Of Tuffcam 

Not Just Underwater 
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